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Airbnb, Homeaway, Tripadvisor… All the vacation rental websites have a style and they dictate it in your listing. You can’t customize them the way you want, can’t present your images in a different way or even change the name of an amenity (It’s a 55″ Samsung goddamn it, not a TV).  Your listing becomes just another brick in a large corporation wall.

If you have a website, though… Stop reading and just think about it for a minute.


Higher Profit Margins

Guest fee, host fee, ad fee etc.  it doesn’t matter what they call it. The truth about your listings is this:

On average your guest pays 100, you get 87.

Isn’t it better if you can increase that 87 to 97? Or you can split the difference with your customers. Or you can put it into marketing efforts and decrease your vacancy rates. Do whatever you want, it’s your money now! (Please, no Instagram photos with it.)

Easier Advertising

You had a guest and they had the perfect vacation at your place. They can’t stop talking about it wherever they go. And of course, they get THE question, it usually goes like this:

-Where did you guys stay? We’re thinking about going there this fall.

-Umm, at this airbnb place, I’ll send you the link.

They could’ve just given your easy to remember website address right there. They could’ve checked it out on their phones at THAT moment and book it. Even if they check out your listing on Airbnb later, you wouldn’t have to worry about the competition.

Building a Brand

Now here’s the real question that sums up all the other benefits. Are you in this for long-term or short-term? If you say short-term, you can take the blue pill and leave. If you are committed, though, you should start thinking about strategies that will make it possible to leave this business to your grandchildren.

Branding should be your first goal. Because it’s the only thing that can save you from a fierce price competition, a downturn in the economy or an unforeseen loss. And we have some bad news. The probability of those happening in the long-run is 100%. So start protecting yourself today, get a website and start building a brand for your business.

Case Study


We created a beautiful booking site for Airbnb Superhost VVMonti when they decided to build a brand for themselves. They have a great place at the heart of Rome, a couple blocks from Colosseum and they were looking to expand their business. The site is built taking this possible expansion into consideration. Our easy-to-use CMS with a visual editor makes it possible for them to add new places in the future without the need of a programmer.

Their place was already listed in all major vacation rental websites and we combined all of their calendars and integrated it to the booking system in the website. The calendars sync in both ways so they can use all the channels without extra work.

With the help of the website, VVMonti was able to create a neighborhood guide. Places to see, activities to do and restaurants to eat… They already started developing relationships with the local businesses that they advertise on their website. This guide also helps with their SEO efforts, and they keep climbing up in the Google rankings. And we all know better rankings mean more business in the long run.

In addition, now they’re able to develop a long-lasting relationship with their clients, advertise their place without the risk of losing them to competitors, use remarketing campaigns on social media and benefit from the word-of-mouth marketing.

Building the website was one of the best decisions for our business. Now we can show our place and advertise it the way we want it. Ed’s team was very helpful, accomodating and detail oriented throughout the process. All of our clients, friends are impressed by the website and already started promoting it to their friends.

~Ruben Mozzi

Our Development Partners

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